PhD in Fine Arts, UCLM, 2020. «Infraves: A poetics of the contingent in contemporary art.»

Member of the research group Innovation and Image Analysis (IAI) at the UFV.

Participant of the Aglaya Research Project, «Innovation Strategies in Cultural Myth Criticism Ref. H2019/HUM-5714, R&D Activities Program (CAM). 2020-20222

Participant of the Acis&Galatea Research Project, Ref. S2015/HUM-3362, R&D Activities Program (CAM). 2015-2019

Artist represented in:

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-Backyard Art Gallery: Elisa de la Torre - Artist of sensory perception and emotional poetics (

-Saisho Art: Elisa de la Torre-Saishoart

-Singular: Elisa De la Torre : contemporary Spanish Painter - SINGULART

-Gallery Helarea: Elisa de la Torre Helareaa

-Unique by Iconic: Elisa De La Torre UNIQUE MARKET (



-Canvas Rebel Interview: 2022, Meet Elisa de la Torre - CanvasRebel Magazine

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