[waters] XI
[waters] XI
[waters] XI

[waters] XI

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  • Series [waters]
  • Measures: 146x162cm
  • Mixed technique on canvas without frame
  • Year: 2018

About the work

[Aguas] XI explores the tension of the absence by hiding the landscape, the abstraction of the landscape turned into a cluster of sensations and matter reconstructed by perception and imagination.

Far from the simplicity of the explicit work, a collaboration of the viewer is sought, who becomes co-creator of the work by working from random forms a perceptual association with memories, places and emotions that lead to a spatio-temporal construction of the presence and content of the image. Like a puzzle that is missing pieces and that must be completed, it is presented as a work open to the spectator's possibilities, to personal interpretations that connect not with a specific space represented, but with the place imagined by each one, which moves to the veiled image turning it into an evoked memory.