Elisa of the Tower

(Madrid) 1990


Elisa of the Tower
Artist and engraver, she works in abstract matter painting focused on an aesthetic of organic imperfection and material exploration turning paint into mineral crystals.

PhD in Fine Arts from the UCLM and professor at the UFV, Madrid.
Degree in Fine Arts at the University of Western Ontario (Canada) and UFV (Madrid). Master in Humanities from the UFV. Master's Degree in Stamping Techniques, Illustration and Artistic Coinage at the Casa de la Moneda RCM-UCLM Engraving School. Doctorate in Fine Arts at UCLM.
Some exhibitions include Theredoom Gallery, Rafel Pérez Hernando Gallery, ArtMadrid2021, Estampa 2021, Museo Würth La Rioja



Elisa de la Torre's work stems from an interest in the orography of nature and its memory, transforming fluid paint into matter with an organic appearance through a complex mineral and chemical process whose reactions result in fractal shapes, reliefs, and natural textures.

These are works that are not a representation of nature but a literal piece of a sensory memory that becomes a continuous experience that leads to that place and that moment. Its sensory impact poetically connects with memory impressions since memories are based on sensations, shapes and colors. An abstraction of the landscape is explored, like an aerial view whose shapes cause a very familiar sensation, whose memory refers to the memory and transports places, thus turning abstract painting into projected personal landscapes.


The presence of the beauty of imperfection together with the search for textures and organic sensations that refer to an authentic natural material are the basis of the work. It seeks to emulate the randomness of the random element found in nature, creating unprecedented natural pieces that discover the magic of the unexpected. By leaving natural matter a part of the creative process, it takes on a life of its own.

It consists of a game with his random will, knowing the material, discovering the chemical and physical reactions of matter and all its possibilities. It is a slow process, where time plays an essential role; the intuitive creation that slowly explores the relationships of color, the observation of fluid paint fusions, controlling and at the same time letting be, the drying time in which the paint slowly crystallizes and becomes a constellation of small minerals. The crystallized painting of his own experimental technique provides a wealth of subtle shines and delicate textures that require the viewer's attentive contemplation, and this also requires time.

There is beauty in the unnoticed, in the small detail, the insignificant and momentary brightness, absolutely dependent on the light. There's something unique about the way things take time; the beauty of slowness Likewise, the interest in the beauty of organic imperfection is based on the fact that the fractures of the painting find a similarity with the brokenness of our own nature, fragile and at the same time beautiful.

eastern practice kintsugi, repairs broken pottery with gold, arguing that scars are part of an object's history, and are beautiful for it. By highlighting the cracks of the crystallization of the painting with 22k gold, the value of the magnificence and perfection of the imperfect is extolled.






2020 Doctorate in Fine Arts at UCLM..

2014-2016 Master's Degree in Graphic Printing Media, Illustration and Artistic Coinage at the Real Casa de la Moneda and UCLM..

2014-2016 Master in Humanities, UFV..

2009-20013 Own title Expert in Creative Direction and Event Management, UFV..

2009-2013 Degree in Fine Arts. UFV..

2008-2009 1st Fine Arts course at the Western Ontario University, Canada..




2021- [orographies of the inevitable], Espacio Mados, Madrid

2021- "The perception of the imperceptible, the significance of the insignificant", Bakyard Gallery, Simancas, Valladolid

2021- [glaciers] at Art&Sushi, Madrid

2020 [land] at Hotel Eurostars, Leónn

2019 [land] at Espacio Encuentroo

2017 Pleiades in Rizoma gallery, Madrid

2017 Pleiades at Brita Prinz Arte, Madrid.

2015 ink eyes in AVAM Room. Madrid slaughterhouse.

2012 allusions in House of Culture S. Agustín de Guadalix

2010 – enchanted in House of Culture S. Agustín de Guadalix




2022- University of Valladolid Museum

2022- La Salina Palace, Young Painters, La Gaceta Foundation

2022- "Embodied spaces" NFT exhibition at Art.Army curated by Rodrigo Carreño

2021- Estampa Fair represented by Helarea

2021- Almoneda Fair represented by Helarea

2021- ArtMadrid Fair represented by Helarea

2021- Art, Nature and transcendence: Nature is not what we see, CC. Torrelodones

2021 - Foundation (H) Arte, Hospital Vithas Aravaca

2021- Abstract Art Salon Contest, AEPE

2021- XV Salón de Primavera-Valdepeñas Contest, AEPE

2021- Montsequi Gallery, Madrid

2021- Amaia Cultural Hall, Irún

2020- Artist Experience Fair, Madrid

2020- Torreón del Haro Museum

2020- XXIV National Painting Contest City of Calahorra

2020 Collective La Salita, Gijónn

2020 Festiarte Fair, Marbellaa

2018 Navel artt

2018 and 2017 HYBRID Fair, Madridd

2017 Open Portfolio Festival, Congress of drawing and printing 1de1, Cuencaa

2017 FIG Open Portfolio Festival, Bilbaoo

2017 Art Festival Francaidos-JUSTMAD 88

2017, 2016 and 2015 José Caballero Engraving Contest. CC Perez de la Riva..

2016 and 2015 Summer Ink. Royal House of the Currency-FNMT, Madrid..

2016 Young Creators Contest. National Chalcography. Royal Academy of San Fernando, Madrid..

2016 Masquelibros Fair (MQL16))

2016 Get together. University of Valladolid Museum..

2015 EMERGE15. Theredoom Gallery, Madrid..

2015 I Villa de Móstoles Artist Book Award..

2014 XV UNED Painting Contest, UNED Center, Plasencia..

2014 EMERGE13, Rafael Pérez Hernando Gallery, Madridd

2014 Artists Caught by Umeå. Umea, Swedena

2013 Nave 73 Space. Madridd

2013 Studio 120m. Würth Museum, La Riojaa

2013 ENKLAVE. XXIII CC of Chiva, Valenciaa

2013 Confluences Gallery, Twisp, Washington (USA))

2013 A/NT Gallery, Seattle (USA))

2009 Regional Art Contest (STAND), London, Canadaá

2008 Diversity Art Expo, London, Canadaá




2023- Innovation Conference 2023, UFV

2023-The mythical and the sacred: around the transcendent in current art, in our XIXI Congress International Religious Sciences.

2022- 17th International Conference on the Arts in Society. San Jorge University, Zaragoza.

2022- Open Reason Congress, UFV

2021 An I for an Eye Congress, UFV and USPCEU, Madridd

2021- Conference on Louise Glück, UCM, Madrid

2020- VI Mtythcryticism Congress, UCLM, Madrid

2020 I Dickens Congress, CEU and UFV, Madridd

2019 V International Congress of Anthropology AIBR, UAM, Madridd

2019 SIMUFV Congress, UFV, Madridd

2018 V International Congress of Mythocritics, UAM, Madridd

2018 VIII UCLM Doctoral Conference, Cuencaa

2018 2nd Open Reason International Congress, Romea





2017 3rd Open Portfolio Prize, 1de1 Congress, UCLMM

2015 First prize in the Villa de Móstoles Artist Book Award..

2009 First prize in the Regional Art Contest, London, Canadaá





2019 University of Lorrainee

2018 Graphic Alfara, Salamancaa

2016 Aleti Center, Romea





Hotel Eurostars

Messengers of Peace

Mostoles Town Hall

Francisco de Vitoria University (Madrid)

Aldeafuente School (Alcobendas)

Cobena Town Hall

San Manuel González Church (San Sebastián de los Reyes)

Seminary of Alcalá de Henares (Madrid)