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[lunas] III
[lunas] III
[lunas] III
[lunas] III
[lunas] III

[lunas] III

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  • Series [moons]
  • Measurements:50 cm diameter
  • Mixed technique and silver leaf on canvas
  • Year:2020


The series [moons] explores a figuration of the lunar surface based on abstract realities that arise from the chemical reaction of matter added to liquid paint, creating textures that, on a small scale, reflect the same action of nature on a large scale. The beauty of the rift and the craters are exalted from the silver leaf, denoting the uniqueness of the particular.

It is played with the calm tension caused by the contrast of the chance of the fluid painting with the pretense of control of the random.

Movement is inscribed in each of the fluid lines in an eternal becoming without return in which everything flows and evolves. We live in the constant flow of becoming, unaware of the uncertainty of the continuous change of life, of which we have little authority. Life is an endless task and its changes of plans confront us with a reality:what is not controlled, must be allowed to flow. The unstructured, the broken and the error give rise to the possibility that the uncertain takes on an aesthetic sense; magnifying and highlighting the beauty of the footprint, the scar and what is apparently wrong.