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  • Collection: Pleiades
  • Measures: 100x70cm
  • Lithography, die-cutting and glass stones on Fedrigoni paper on foam cardboard frame. Unframed
  • Year: 2016

About the work

Pleiades shows a figurative interpretation of 7 different constellations created from the 9 fixed stars of a star cluster called Pleiades or The 7 Sisters. This self-referential figurative interpretation is inspired by drawings of constellations with female mythological references. Based on the self-portrait, a very personal proposal is provided with a suggestive and poetic style that invites the viewer to contemplation and debate about the possibilities of the elements and figures represented.

The objective of Pleiades is to make a proposal that brings into play the element of figurative projection from ambiguous elements such as stars. This has been done since the beginning of time when, when observing the starry sky, primitive men united the stars to form figures and drew pictures based on them, creating constellations.

In the game of the figurative interpretation of the Pleiades star cluster, 7 female figures are proposed based on the photographic self-portrait and that represent, through mythological nude, the 7 sisters. The Pleiades were seven sisters from Greek mythology, daughters of the titan Atlas and the sea nymph Pleyone. In the constellations created the points of the stars always remain unchanged, what varies are the unions between them and, therefore, the figure and the constellation.

Through Pleiades a poetic evocation is sought that gives voice to the female figure in a non-provocative way. The mythological nude has never been provocative but poetic, aesthetic, suggesting more than exposing. The reason for working with the self-portrait and not other female figures is the fact of the closeness to the work. I want my work to be so mine that it is myself, and I feel uncomfortable if I represent any other woman; makes the work alien to me. Like in a mirror, I need to see myself reflected in order to feel my identity in the work.